Street Cred: Our Favorite Reads From Around The Internets

Welcome Folks! In no time East Second will be up and running. In the meantime we bring you Street Cred,  our favorite reads from around the web. In these pieces you’ll find the types of things we  are looking for.  And as you will see they range in content and style. At East Second we want to know what you think “Lit Culture” means, that’s why we’ll never tell you. We want creativity and the voices of the community so take a look and submit to!


Five Great Norwegian Writers Not Named Knausgaard

Is it Time for Literary Magazines to Rethink Slush? 

Why Hong Kong is Clamping Down on Creative Writing 

Vocational Gratitude and the MFA: A Rebuttal of Sorts to Ryan Boudinot

That New Star Wars Movie is Inspired by Some Great Books

Authors: end to censored versions of books is “victory for the world of dirt”

11 Small Literary Presses That Prove Book Publishing isn’t Just in New York City 

Day Jobs: Authors and Their Employment 

Thing I Can Say About MFA Writing Programs Now That I No Longer Teach In One 

Happy Birthday, James Joyce: Carl Jung’s Delightfully Disgruntled Review of Ulysses and His Thoughtful Letter to Joyce 

The Truth About Books, Money, Awards (And Not Quitting Your Day Job)

The Very Respectable Adventures of Gentleman Matty and Dime-Novel Frank 

Burrito Realism: Neil Gaiman, Aziz Ansari, Amy Tan, and Jeffrey Eugenides Join Chipotle’s Literary Series

Cassandra Austen’s Drawings of English Royalty for Teenage Jane Austen’s Parodic History of England 

AP’s ‘Robot Journalists’ Are Writing Their Own Stories Now 

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